Why it pays to visit art galleries

There are many people who profess love of art but never make time to visit art galleries. While different people have different reasons for give art galleries a wide berth, the majority of those who never find it necessary to visit the galleries think that galleries are manned by snobbish people who associate art with a certain class of people. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Art galleries are staffed with lovers of art who are not only willing to welcome anybody who pays a visit but also to explain stuff that you might not be aware of. In fact there are many compelling reasons that should encourage you to visit art galleries. It costs you nothing – Whether you visit a gallery with the intention of buying art or just to enjoy yourself, one of the greatest benefits of visiting art galleries is that it costs you nothing. You simply walk and feast your eyes on all the art available and, if you do not wish to buy (or can’t afford), you simply walk out. Unbeknown to many first-time visitors to art galleries, the owners of these galleries are used to many visitors who visit and never make a purchase. You are therefore under no pressure to buy anything even if you took time to ask questions.

Keep your Jewelry Safe

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The jewelry in your home is priceless. It either cost you a fortune or has immeasurable sentimental value. Since it might be irreplaceable, you need to take special measures to guarantee its safety.

The threat of a burglar getting into your home is one of the greatest fears that some jewelry owners have. While you have every reason to beware of burglars and to put measures in place to guard against them, there are other sources of threats that you might need to address if you wish to keep your valuables safe.
Beware of contractors who come to your home. There are so many jobs that you cannot do on your own and for which you’ll need to hire a contracting firm once in a while. Contractors could come to your home for plumbing jobs, to clean carpets, repair your roof, etc. Whenever you have such people in your home, always remember that they are complete strangers and unless you know the firm you are dealing with, you could actually be dealing with a bunch of thieves.
Contractors should be carefully evaluated to confirm that they only have employees who have passed background checks. References from people the contractor has worked with in the past would help.
Keep it in a safe place. Proud as you might be of your jewelry, it is important to understand that it could easily tempt the most trustworthy person. You should therefore not flaunt it around but rather lock it away, preferably in a safe. Apart from the possibility of theft, the jewelry could get damaged if it gets tampered with in the course of a repair job.
Sometimes the real danger to your valuable is not a burglar but somebody who’s actually very close to you. A visiting cousin or your daughter’s boyfriend could easily get tempted by jewelry that is left lying around unattended. Whenever you have visitors, make sure that your jewelry is out of their sight.
Regardless of the amount of care you take, there is always the possibility that your jewelry could get lost (through theft) or damaged (through a fire accident, for example). Without an insurance cover, it might prove impossible to replace your precious possession.
When you consider the value (both monetary and sentimental) that you attach to your jewelry, it makes sense that you should take special measures to guarantee its safety.

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Art Attack

If you like art then you’re in for a treat as we absolutely love it here. What’s not to love? Anyone who’s seen a Van Gough in the flesh or the Mona Lisa will know exactly what we’re talking about.

We’re going to break you in east to start with. Here are some fine art facts to wet your appetite:

  1. John James Aubudon was a painter who made 435 watercolor paintings of birds over the course of his life. He was born in Santo Domingo but moved to and spent most of his life in the US. This where he found his true calling — birds.
  2. George Brague. This guy was the first ever living artist to have their art displayed in the Louvre — good work!
  3. Paul Cezanne. This poor chap died lonely and of pneumonia. When his body was found, he was surrounded by hundreds of paintings and myriad unpaid bills. His father was supposed to be a renowned and wealthy merchant trader, who went by the name of Auguste Cezanne.
  4. The one, the only Leonardo da Vinci. He loved animals. In fact… he’d often purchased caged animals and set them free… they were mostly birds. He was also a vegetarian, painted less than 30 pieces.. most of which weren’t finished! In addition, he left thousands of drawings and notes.
  5. Salvador Dali. This guys was a touch on the fruity side. He genuinely thought he was the reincarnation of his sibling — his dead brother, This guy was a machine, painting close to 2,000 pieces — each arguably regarded as a master piece. What’s more… there’s usually a portrait of himself in every painting.
  6. Edger Degas: He made more than 1,000 paintings of dancers. The guy was obsessed, particularly with ballet dancers.
  7. Marcel Duchamp: More of an inventor than an artist in some respects. He chose to create things from every day, ordinary items. Controversial in his approach, one of his displays was, for all intents and purposes, a urinal. It didn’t make it to exhibition… I wonder why…
  8. Anish Kapoor: Anish was recently awarded £350,000 due to a storage company mistaking a piece of his art for rubbish! They disposed of it… ooops!
  9. Pablo Picasso: You guys must have heard of this chap. Picasso was formally baptized with more than 25 names… 25! Seriously, go check it out.
  10. Vincent Van Gough: I’m bringing out the big guns now aren’t I? Vincent managed to paint more than 900 pictures in circa 10 years…!
  11. Andy Warhol: Andy would often do strange things… what’s with artists anyway?? He would get a box and fill it with odd items, only to seal it, date it and store it as a kind of time capsulre. Take these particular items for example: a mummified foot, Clarke Gable’s boots, Caroline Kennedy’s birthday cake. Andy… you really should get out more my old friend.

That’s it for now, if you know of any other interesting facts, then why not send them through?